17 Breathtaking Beaches to Fuel Your 2017 Wanderlust

Treat yourself to some of the best beach experiences you will ever have

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Making vacation plans and getting ready to stoke your wanderlust have been scientifically proven to improve health. 

An AARP study revealed the benefits of creating a travel bucket list and they include positive physical and mental effects. Nearly 4 out of 10 participants, which were baby boomers, have one?????, with 58 percent planning to take their next trip in two to five years. AARP found that just creating such a list motivated boomers with a sense of hope and gave them something to look forward to. Additionally, 53 percent of those preparing for their next trip report that they are getting in shape to fully enjoy the experience.

If the idea of a memorable vacation is synonymous with catching sunrays, relaxing on powdery sand, swimming among all kinds of colorful fish, and enjoying a nice cool breeze, then you are dreaming of being on one of the following breathtaking beaches. For a good time, all you really need is sun, sand and a body of water. But if you want a truly phenomenal beach experience, then you’ll likely want to consider a special trip to one of them.

And if that’s not a good enough reason, take what science says into account. A new study has found that residential exposure to visible blue space, like the sea or the ocean, is associated with lower psychological distress in a capital city, even if you don't realize it.

The ideal coast can be secluded or on a busy hotspot, with long stretches of white or pink sand, or with pristine turquoise waters that will make you want to set up camp and spend your entire vacation there.

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