The 15 Coolest Hidden Waterfalls in the World

Forget about fancy pools or water parks; these waterfalls are where you need to be


Waterfalls can occasionally be dangerous if you choose to run them, an extreme sport that is not for every paddler. For the most part, though, they are gorgeous. Seeing them roar up close or from a distance should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

Seeing the highest, the widest, the most powerful and even the most mysterious is a memorable feeling, but some hidden waterfalls also have a lot to offer.

Adventurers who want to also want to go on a safari can head to Uganda for the rare opportunity to see a powerful waterfall and big game wildlife in one trip; those of you who want to see as many waterfalls as possible in one expedition should head to Iceland. The U.S. has several hidden gems worth a visit as well.

Some waterfalls are iconic simply for the way they look from afar – rare shade of violet, like a wall of tears, or streams of milk rushing down the mountainside. Others appeal to tourist because they are remote and getting to them requires a challenging trek.

Click here to see 15 of the world's coolest hidden waterfalls

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