The 11 Most Dangerous Dives in the World

The view is astonishing but the challenge is incredible

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No one will deny that scuba diving is a fun activity that most people would love to do one day. But everyone will also agree that the sport is difficult and very dangerous, which is what stops many people from even trying it.

Simple diving in a deep swimming pool is challenging because it takes skill to know how to properly breathe and move your body under water. Certain dive sites make the experience particularly scary. The limit for advanced recreational diving is 40 meters (131 feet) but many experienced enthusiasts test themselves and go deeper.[slideshow:82319]

Master divers are not immune to the dangers some locations present. They, too, must do their homework. Scuba diving may be the best way to experience marine life and touch centuries-old shipwreck remains but this thrilling adventure comes with its risks. They include malfunctioning equipment, pulmonary embolism if you ascend rapidly (common mistake) or oxygen toxicity, especially for people who go deep, deep down. The body absorbs more of it when you’re under water.

Scuba diving has its advantages as well. It offers an escape because it’s something people do in isolation, alone and away from everybody. The views are astonishing and rare. The experience is unforgettable.

Imagine a more exciting story than the one in which you casually mention that very few people will ever visit the place you just came back from because of unforgiving conditions, narrow spaces, and extreme depths. The dives on this list have all of three and more.

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