How to Choose the Right Pair of Swim Goggles

Don’t be discouraged, your perfect pair is out there


Although it may seem like rocket science, choosing the right pair of swim goggles is simple. You just need to know the right questions to ask yourself. Are you swimming in the pool or the ocean? Do you swim recreationally or do you participate in competitions?

Don’t be discouraged, your perfect pair is out there. Follow this simple guide for pointers that can help you through the process.  


Do you swim in the pool or the ocean?

First ask yourself, are you purchasing these goggles for swimming in pools or oceans.

If you are swimming in the ocean you should purchase goggles with polarized polycarbonate lenses.

If you swim in a pool you should consider metalized goggles.


How to choose the right model

Swedish goggles- They are cheap and come in a variety of colors. They are the smallest goggles and they have a simple strip of elastic which you can tie for comfort.

Competition goggles- These goggles are widely used by competition swimmers. This is because the lenses on these goggles are bigger and they fit closer to the eye socket than most goggles. They are meant for racing, not everyday purposes.

Frame goggles- These goggles are mainly used for open water and leisurely swimming. They are known to be the most comfortable type of goggle. They come in many colors and have clear frames.

Mask goggles- Also known as diving masks. They are the largest goggle and are usually preferred for diving and open water swimming purposes.



Now that you have found the right model, it’s important to choose the correct lenses.

-Clear lenses are typically used for winter swimming on days when the light level is low.

-Amber, blue and yellow lenses are used for visibility in swimming pools.

-Blue lenses help you see better underwater

-Mirrored/dark lenses help reduce glare


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