Best Kayak Fishing Destinations in America

It's about more than just going home with a great catch


Kayak fishing is a hobby that can be described in many ways – a sporting activity, an exciting adventure, a relaxing trip, or an exhilarating challenge. Imagine catching a fish without several people and heavy machinery helping you pull it in – it’s quite the accomplishment. It’s a tug-of-war between you and the fish.[slideshow:89086]

The simplicity is also what makes kayak fishing beautiful. You’re surrounded by nothing but water and gorgeous, natural, unspoiled scenery.

Anglers head out to many exotic locations in pursuit of a nice catch. One of the most popular places in the U.S. is Kona Coast in Hawaii. Nicknamed “the Land of the Giants,” kayak fishing there is a real thrill because you may also encounter tiger sharks.

This no frills kayak fishing spot has it all—lots of lake, beautiful scenery and plenty of fish. Reel in catfish, sunfish, spotted bass and largemouth and smallmouth bass, among others. You can easily access the lake from a small dock on the east side of the lake and campsites afford you a multi-day trip.

Experienced fishermen love the Devils River in Texas because this is a wild and isolated spot for people who are ready to spend at least three days on the river. It’s a real off the beaten path adventure.

Okmulgee Lake in Oklahoma is preferred by many because of the striking scenery and an abundance of fish. Catfish, sunfish, spotted bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass – it’s all there.

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