Watch Pro Cody Townsend Ski the Most Insane Run of 2014

Townsend won big at the 2014 Powder Awards, this line down a chute in Alaska helped secure his three wins
Red Bull Media House

What makes a line the “most insane” or the “best” of the entire year? Well certainly pitch, difficulty and conditions all play a role—and then there’s the fear factor. The most insane line of the year should make viewers hold their breath, fellow skiers wince and it should challenge the skier taking the plunge.

Cody Townsend’s line down an extremely tight chute in the Alaska Tordrillos mountains hit all of the above qualifications. The clip won him an award for best line at the Powder Awards last week, in addition to another two awards.

Although Townsend wasn’t the first to hit the line—Travis Rice was—the footage is still unbelievable. The clip is part of the Days of My Youth, by MSP Films and Red Bull Media House, which took two years to shoot and is now released.

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