WATCH: Photographer Snaps Selfies in Shark-Infested Waters

Diver captures incredible underwater footage with sharks

“It’s amazing. Everything I’ve ever been taught as a child is to avoid shark-infested waters, and now I’m about to jump in the middle of it,” underwater photographer Aaron Gekoski exclaims just moments before he jumps  off of a boat and into water that is in fact, swarming with sharks.

Gekoski had made the trip to the Aliwal Shoal reef off the coast of Umkomaas in South Africa with his film-maker friend Chris Scarffe on assignment for another project that didn’t pan out.

So naturally, instead of packing up and heading home, they set out on a quest to take "selfies" with sharks.  

“I’m starting to question the sanity of getting a selfie in front of a load of feeding sharks,” Gekoski admits before he and his team head out to sea.

Sure, maybe it’s not the most sane decision he’s ever made, but it did get him some incredible video footage, and yes, a few "shark selfies", too.

 “There were just so many sharks. They’re so curious, but you never really feel threatened,” Gekoski  said after resurfacing from his dive, sharks still swimming all around him.

We’re glad he didn't feel imperiled, but we’ll still opt for feeling not threatened from the safety of land.

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