Watch! Airline KLM Finds the Most Adorable Way to Return Lost Items

Sherlock the beagle sniffs out forgetful flyers and returns lost items in this heartwarming video
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If you've flown frequently enough, chances are you've lost something in the process. That sinking feeling in your gut when you realize you left a phone or iPod in the seatback pocket on the plane is one of the worst feelings ever. Let’s be realistic, what are the chances you'll see your lost item again? 

Well, if you happened to fly with KLM the chances of getting your item back would be pretty high and absolutely adorable, according to their latest ad. 

Sherlock the beagle doesn't actually work in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with KLM’s lost & found service team (unfortunately) but he is a metaphor for their outstanding effort to return lost items to passengers. In addition to the typical avenues airlines use to return lost items, KLM is very active on social media. If you lose an item aboard one of their flights, sadly Sherlock won’t be able to return it to you, but they suggest reaching them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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