WATCH: An Inspiring Story of a Man and His Bike Pedaling the World

German man documents his cycling journey around the globe
Youtube/Pedal the World

Felix Starck has always held a deep passion for sport and traveling. Since he was a young age he dreamed of combining the two and exploring Europe by bicycle. But, after years dreaming big, when the time finally came to partake in his planned journey, he decided to go even bigger. With over 55kg of luggage strapped to his touring bicycle, Starck went out to travel the world. And along the way he filmed it all.

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So now, you can follow Felix on his 11,200-mile adventure pedaling around the globe. He rode through 22 countries for a full year, made new friends and experienced fascinating cultures. The hour-long documentary, entitled Pedal the World can be bought on his website, and for every copy sold, Starck will be donated 1€ to the World Wildlife Foundation, because of the poor conditions and animal abuse he witnessed on his journey. Watch the trailer for his documentary below, it may just inspire you to get on your bike and pedal the world

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