WATCH: How to Survive Anything, from a Plane Crash to a Tsunami

These tips and tricks might save your life— or just make you laugh

Laura Begley Bloom—Ever wondered what to do if you got locked out of your hotel room...naked? Well, that might be one of the sillier examples, but in its new book How to Survive Anything: A Visual Guide to Laughing in the Face of Adversity (Lonely Planet; $20), the editors of Lonely Planet share tools that may actually save your life one day. Or just make you laugh.

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One of the steps in tsunami survival from Lonely Planet’s new book. (Illustration: Rob Dobi)

Who hasn’t had that dream of plummeting through the sky in a free-falling elevator? What if it really happens when you’ve just finish sightseeing atop Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world? Do you do grab the railings? Jump in the air? This clever video brings the book to life and gives a sneak peek at the answers:

And we all read those stories every year of those people who get lost in the wild without GPS. Some make it, some don’t. With Lonely Planet’s sage advice, you might actually have a chance. Take a look:

Here’s one that the guys from the Hangover could have used — how to survive a trip to Vegas. (Hint: it doesn’t involve tigers.)

While the book isn’t just about travel (you’ll find out what to do if you run into an ex or how to deal if you’re losing your hair), there’s plenty of helpful travel advice scattered throughout, accompanied by witty illustrations of step-by-step instructions. How to survive a plane crash. How to survive rip currents. How to survive a night in the snow. How to survive an earthquake. 

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How to survive a shipwreck at sea, from Lonely Planet’s new book. (Illustration: Rob Dobi)

And it gets better: Lonely Planet has also launched a “How to Survive Anything Contest,” asking people to share their own tips and tales of survival on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #LPSurvivalTip. 

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The winner gets a free copy of the book, but everyone’s a winner here, as these tips from Twitter are proving to be just as entertaining as the book itself:

“Pro tip: when lost in the woods, do not eat your friends, working in [a] team is always better”

“During a zombie apocalypse, move to an upstairs floor and destroy the stairs behind you with an axe”

I mean, we all need advice like that.

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