WATCH: High School Football Player Gives Inspiring Postgame Interview

Apollos Hester reminds us of what it really takes to succeed
YouTube/Lauren Mickler

“Sometimes in life you’re gonna start slow, that’s OK,” Apollos Hester begins in his postgame interview when asked about how his team, the East View Patriots, played against Vandergrift High School following a 42-41 victory.

And from there, his words only become more insightful. In a video that’s likely to become a YouTube classic, the running back from Georgetown, Texas goes on to remind us of a pretty important lesson that not only applies to sports and fitness, but life in general too.

“It took guts and it took attitude,” he says of the team’s late-game comeback that led to a win. "That’s all it takes. That’s all it takes to be successful—attitude.”

Wise words. And that’s not the only wisdom Hester had to offer.

Check out the video below to hear more of his motivational mottos, and get the full effect of his passionate enthusiasm.  

“If he doesn’t make it as a football player, he should be an inspirational speaker,” the channel anchor says at the videos end.

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