WATCH: The First Woman to Complete the American Ninja Warrior Course (Your mind WILL be blown)

And she didn't even get sweaty
Youtube/American Ninja Warrior

Spoiler alert: Kacy Cantazaro is the first woman to ever finish the American Ninja Warrior course, but just because you know how this video ends doesn’t mean you shouldn’t press play.

Seriously, your mouth will hang agape, you will bite your nails (because somehow it’s still suspenseful!) and I can almost guarantee that you will shout “Oh my god!” out loud at least once. (Just wait until she gets to the ring toss. My arms started to hurt just watching her.)

Don’t worry about if your co-workers will judge you for shouting at your computer screen, just invite them to watch with you and soon they’ll be cheering, too.

Other than the fact that this girl has proven to be stronger and more fit than many of us could ever dream of being (just kidding, anything is possible if you believe!), my second favorite thing about this video comes from Jezebel contributor Erin Glorie Ryan, who wrote, “She didn't even look that sweaty.”

No, but seriously. How is she not even sweaty? 

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