WATCH: A Death-Defying Mountain Bike Ride That's Never Been Done Before

Danny Macaskill conquers Cuillin Ridgeline in inspiring video

Danny Macaskill, Scottish trials cyclist just released a brand new mountain bike clip, and it is, to put in a one word, epic. As he rows to the to his native home the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Macaskill takes on a frightening ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline. He crosses logs, jumps over rocks and streams, and reaches entirely new heights, all on the seat of his bike. The views switch from an outside perspective to an action camera attached to his helmet. And if the distant view wasn’t stomach-turning enough, the first person view will make you cringe with fear.

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The film is beautifully shot, and the Cuillin Ridgeline looks like a scene out of a CGI motion picture film, but beyond the cinematography, what really keeps you watching is the absolute amazement of Macaskill’s strength and discipline as he conquers the obstacles in his path. The sheer determination is incredibly inspiring. The ridge has never before been ridden on a bike, and this feat is definitely one to go down in history. Watch the stunning, awe-inspiring video below:

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