WATCH: The Coolest Bicycle Tires You'll Ever See

Watch this wacky inventor make his Ice Bike idea come to life

Winter is upon us, and soon enough the ground will be covered in ice and snow, and our bikes won’t be seeing much outside time. Fat bikes are of the very few types of bikes that actually can make it through a winter wonderland. That is, until the announcement of Ice Bike.

This absolutely ridiculous bicycle brings the phrase ‘winterizing’ an entirely new meaning. An English inventor named Colin Furze decided to put his wacky mind to use and create a bicycle with ice instead of tires. Out of his ‘Cryogenic Wheel Creator’, Furze pulls some massive ice wheels inspired by real seven-inch BMX wheels.

While he sees some success with the wheels, the lack of traction from the ice makes a difficult uphill climb. Watch him hilariously set out on different terrains to test his crazy contraption.


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