WATCH: Can Biking to Work Cut Down Your Commute Time?

Commuter experiment investigates the value of biking to work

Sure, when compared even to an electric bike, in most cases, cars have the ability to reach much higher speeds.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a car can get you to your destination more quickly, and especially if you live in a highly-populated city or metropolitan area.

To investigate the value of biking to work (and as a way to celebrate Bike to Work Week), the team at Shocke Bikes, a Canada-based electric bike company, recently carried out a fun competition that compared commuting via an e-bike versus a car.

“What initially started out as a challenge between two co-workers ended up as quite a telling tale,” the team explained in a press release.

Both the e-bike and car commuter were equipped with synced cameras, which allowed for the creation of a split-screen video (below) that simultaneously compares each commuter’s ride.

To make the experiment as valid as possible, a few rules for the “competition” were outlined:

  • Both the car and the e-bike were required to obey all respective transportation rules.
  • The routes each were instructed to follow were made as similar as possible (the car’s route was about 7.45 miles and the e-bike’s about 5.69).
  • The finish time was marked when each person arrived at the final destination on foot so that time parking the car and locking the bike could both be factored in as part of the commute.

So, which mode of transportation won the competition? Check out the video below to find out.

Disclaimer from Shocke Bikes: This experiment was done in the spirit of “Bike to Work” week and is in no way intended to promote any products nor methods of transportation in general, though we highly encourage cycling. It was meant to display a fair head to head comparison between two methods of transport to a popular destination. Above all, it was meant to be a fun experiment with no intention to offend anyone.

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