12 Spring Hikes: Flowers, Falls, and Baby Animals

Hit these lesser-known trails where the new season is the main attraction

Every season has its own particular appeal: autumn, the brilliantly colored foliage; winter, ice climbing and chances to make fresh tracks on the slopes; summer, long, long stretches of sunlight for epic day hikes and cycling trips. But the spring seems to get more than its fair share of wealth, from wildflowers to just-this-season waterfalls and wildlife spotting.

Here, we’ve rounded up a dozen great hikes to show you the best this time of year has to offer. We're talking about secret hikes that wind past bison-calving grounds, trails into narrow canyons where meltwater-filled waterfalls cascade and careen down moss-doppled cliffs, beach walks among sea turtles and wild horses and climbs into wildflower-filled mountain meadows. It's spring, from coast to coast. Lace up your boots, pack a snack and head outside to welcome the season.

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