Video: World Record BASE Jump that Wasn’t

Red Bull athlete Valery Rozov’s recent Himlayala record called into question

What takes six days to go up and 90 seconds to come back down? If you guessed Russian daredevil Valery Rozov attempting a world-record-setting BASE jump in the Himalayas, you’re right.

Okay, now the bonus round: What takes a day to get tweeted, blogged, and bragged around the world, and another day to get discredited? If you guessed Rozov again, you win.

Rozov’s leap off of Mt.Shivling, a 6,543-meter mountain in the Indian Himalayas, was widely picked up by the media as setting the new record for the highest BASE jump ever. Turns out, husband-and-wife team Heather Swan and Glen Singleman jumped 6,604 meters from Mt Meru, also in the Indian Himalayas, back in 2006.

Rozov, who spent a month in the Himalayas preparing for the climb, has to be a bit embarrassed, but to be perfectly fair—the man climbed and jumped off a 21,467-foot icy peak. Cut him some slack!

World record or not, the video is worth a watch.