VIDEO: Winter Parkour

Free runner Ronnie Shalvis combines acrobatics, ice and snow
Staff Writer

Combine gymnastic stunts with snow and plentiful urban obstacles in Salt Lake City, and you’ll get the video above.

Ronnie Shalvis, a free runner whose YouTube channel has amassed a following of more than 42,000 subscribers, is the featured athlete. This video alone has been watched about 140,000 times.

Free running is an offshoot of parkour—the art of moving from place to place while creatively tackling the obstacles in between. The sport evolved from military obstacle course training.

It can be a dangerous sport, with athletes jumping and flipping over obstacles, as well as off of roofs and other high structures. Shalvis does it in style while also showcasing the gymnastic and acrobatic moves that set free running apart from its mother sport.

Via GrindTV.



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