Video: Ultimate Action Cam Smackdown

Gizmodo tests four point-of-view action cameras
Staff Writer

Gizomodo's helmet cam smackdown.

The intrepid tech hounds at Gizmodo recently pulled off an apples-to-apples test of four of the main point-of-view action cameras on the market today, testing the Contour+, Drift HD, Hero GoPro HD 2 and Ion Air Pro.

These cameras are not cheap, ranging from $290 to $500 apiece, so it’s nice to see how they stack up side-by-side. The perspective in the video below (make sure to watch in 1080p) provides some very telling feedback.

Two of the lesser-known brands—the fourth-place Drift and third-place Ion—really should have been tied for last, as they both produced varying degrees of fuzzy, choppy footage.

To see which camera came out on top read the full report at

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