VIDEO: Trailer for 'A Deeper Shade of Blue'

Film is a surfing history lesson with spectacular footage

Who doesn’t love a good surfing video? It’s no coincidence that the sport is intertwined with photography and filmmaking. You’ve got a human grace, athleticism and creativity in a dance with nature’s deep barreling blues in all their endless variety. You’ve got fleeting moments of beauty between a wave’s cresting and its disintegration into whitewater, just enough time for someone to drop onto a board and rip, and for another person with a camera to think, “How do I capture that?”

Filmmaker Jack McCoy has been capturing those moments for over three decades. In his new documentary A Deeper Shade of Blue, which will see a one-day theatrical release on Thursday, March 28, McCoy traces the history of surfing from Captain Cook-era Hawaiians to Stephanie Gilmore and Jordy Smith, with what looks to be spectacular footage throughout.

Check here for screening locations and tickets.

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