Video: These Jocks Rock!

Staff Writer
A new film doc follows NoCal's high school mountain biking league

American high school sports (aside from cross-country) tend to be a little . . . well, tame. They're played on fields and courts, on tracks or in pools. Out in Northern California, though, hundreds of student-athletes take their sport into the great outdoors, riding epic singletrack courses from Monterey up to Marin (we're not in Michigan anymore, Toto). We're talking about the NorCal High School Cycling League. For six weeks each spring, kids from 36 schools mount their mountain bikes—from carbon fiber racers to department store specials—and, like all mountain bikers do, act like the kids they are, set free by chunky wheels and a rugged track.

Now San Francisco-based Pedal Born Pictures is making a documentary about the league, Singletrack High, that will be released in January 2013. Not only is it nice eye-candy, with slick production, but it's also an intimate look into the roots of a scholastic sport on the verge (Colorado, Washington and Texas have added high school mountain bike leagues, and Utah and Minnesota are considering them) and, perhaps, a first look at future Aaron Gwins.

Via NGA.