VIDEO: Snowboarding in Africa

Documentary showcases snow sports in landlocked (and high altitude) Lesotho
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This video proves that the snows of Africa aren’t isolated to the peak of Kilimanjaro. In the landlocked country of Lesotho, located in the middle of South Africa, snow often falls in the highlands, where winter temperature can fall down to 0 degrees F. Lesotho, it turns out, is the only independent state in the world that sits entirely above 3,281 feet.

Of course, where there’s snow, you’ll usually find enthusiastic snowboarders. Lesthoto isn’t an exception.

In August 2012, Scott Stevens, Nick Visconti, and Stevie Bell traveled to a small ski area called Afriski to document snowboarding on the African continent…and try it out for themselves.

This is the video from their trip.

Via grindTV.




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