VIDEO: Skier Backflips to Safety

Staff Writer
Sverre Liliequist escapes an avalanche...with style?

In the world of skiing, avalanches are no joke.

In 2012, 34 people died in avalanches in the United States alone. And this number is on the rise. The New York Times recently created a huge feature that raised awareness of avalanche safety, and gear companies have made a killing on avalanche air bags.

With all this in mind, it seems crazy that anyone would think about styling while trying to outrun a slide. But during the Swatch Skiers Cup 2013 Competition in Zermatt, Professional Skier Sverre Liliequist did just that.

Liliequist headed for a jump, pulled a back flip and flew down the rest of the mountain with the avalanche right behind him.

Amazing? Stupid? You decide.