Video: Professional Wakeboarder Tears Up the Snow

Helvoort shows competitive snowboarders how it’s done

20-year-old Max van Helvoort is a professional wakeboarder. He spends his free time having fun on a snowboard and making the internet extremely jealous as a result.

Yesterday Helvoort posted this clip to his Vimeo account and sent it to Transworld Snowboarding. The final trick in the video has been the subject of some intense internet debate.

Transworld called it a triple backside rodeo flip, a few negative commenters said the trick was sloppy or incomplete or [insert other jealous remark here]. Transworld also said that they had never seen it before, and commenters pointed out that British snowboarder Billy Morgan did it first.

Helvoort responded to the negative comments via Facebook.

And then a debate began on that post as well. Regardless, this guy has a great attitude about the sport and he puts out some awesome videos. We look forward to seeing what else he gets into.

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