VIDEO: Inside the World's Largest Cave

Nat Geo Photographer Carsten Peter talks about his expedition to Vietnam
Staff Writer

If you’ve always dreamed of being an adventure photographer, you might want to check out this video before you quit your day job.

Photographer Carsten Peter talks about his expedition to the largest cave in the world, Sơn Đoòng cave, in Vietnam with husband-and-wife team Howard and Deb Limpert.  Although he captured many beautiful images, he and his colleagues also put up with leeches, poisonous bugs and snakes, hours trudging through rugged terrain and the challenge of photographing cave features shrouded in complete darkness.

Was it worth it? You make the call. The trio explored many chambers of the 30,000-foot-long cave and brought home precious photos of never-before-seen spaces, some of which are posted on National Geographic's website.

Via Gadling.

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