VIDEO: New Route on Patagonia's Torre Egger

Bordella and Schiera make first ascent on the peak's western face
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Cerro Torre emerges from the mist as Torre Egger (right) stays shrouded

The West Face of the Torre Egger is an imposing mass of rock and one of the most difficult areas to reach in the Southern Patagonia Ice Field. Standing 8,809 feet, the climb to the top requires climbers to be ready for altitude, freezing conditions, bad weather and extremely difficult technical climbing.

Although ascents of this peak have been made by various routes over the years, Matteo della Bordello and his climbing partner Jack Geldard raised the level of danger and adventure when they attempted a new line this month. After several failed attempts during previous trips, the athletes finally reached the top on March 2, 2013.The trip took four days, but in total required three years and 150 days’ stay in Patagonia. They named the route Magic Night after the nights they spent in hanging belays, thousands of feet off the ground.

Epic TV caught up with Matteo della Bordello just after his return to Italy to ask him about the trip. Learn more about the adventure in the video above.

Via Rock and Ice and Epic TV.

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