VIDEO: In the mind of freeskier Andreas Fransson

After a terrible accident in the mountains, Fransson makes his comeback
Staff Writer

“So here I am again in this game with the mountains. Could you get the thrill of your life and feel truly alive if you knew they were perfectly safe? Would your consciousness be completely in the moment if you didn’t know this was serious business? Would it be a game worth playing at all if the outcome was certain?”

In this video produced by Salomon Freeski TV, freeskier Andreas Fransson asks himself these questions about his remote alpine expeditions.  

Fransson experienced the risk of his sport firsthand in 2010 when he broke his neck in an avalanche on the Col de l’Aiguille Verte in the French Alps.

Footage of Fransson’s comeback expeditions are narrated with a series of his journal entries written between January 2011 and May 2012. The combination gives you intimiate insight into what it took for Fransson to return to this dangerous sport.  

Via The Ski Journal.

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