VIDEO: Man on Bike Carries Deer to Butcher

The cyclist, Dave Moraska, makes the same trek every year
Staff Writer

A man in Iron Mountain, Michigan recently found a creative way to cart a heavy deer to the butcher shop.

Dave Moraska threw the deer over his shoulder, hopped on his bike and pedaled two miles through traffic, stopping traffic and probably turning some heads.

The scene was captured by Jason Asselin who then posted the video on YouTube.

Evidently this method of transport is one that Moraska has refined over the years. He makes the same trek after every successful deer season.

"David does this once a year, he contacted me to say that was the day," Asselin said in the comment section under the video. "A few did offer [to give him a ride], but he won't accept. He loves doing it. Not bad for 58, huh?"

Via GrindTV.