VIDEO: Little Kid Goes Big on Mountain Bike

4-year-old wears a GoPro, rides a burly trail and LOVES it
Staff Writer

Everything kids do is cuter because it's little. They wear little clothes, surf little waves and, in this case, ride little bikes. But when 4-year-old Malcolm goes BIG on his first descent of Hellion, a mile-long advanced jumps trail at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire, well, it's still damn cute. He valiantly tackles berms, table tops, step ups, drops and rollers, all the while providing a running commentary of little kid stoke—"I'm doing it! I did it, dad! I loved it!"—for his helmet-mounted GoPro to capture.

It's refreshing to experience, if only vicariously, the unbridled little kid joy of riding your bike fast—the air whooshing past your face, leaves blurring at your periphery while you focus intently on jumping or, heck, just not crashing—that's deep inside everybody. It's the same giddy feeling adults get when we forget ourselves and live totally in the moment, reaching for the crux move, lining up a rapid or kicking in the last stretch of a marathon.

Also, it reminds us of this video from two years ago of 6-year-old Jackson Goldstone rocking his run bike "on his way to kindergarten." It's a little more contrived, sure, but it's a sweet vid of a little ripper doing things that, honestly, I can't even do:

And if you're wondering, yes, Goldstone, at the ripe old age of 8, is now shredding crazy trails with pro mountain bikers. Perhaps the same is in store for young Malcolm? Even if it's not, we're glad we could drop in on his big moment.