VIDEO: Kayak Safety (The Quick Refresher)

A fast primer on not becoming a headline

Time to go all Troy McClure up in here:

“I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that kayaking’s a remarkably safe sport.”

Why yes, Troy, I am happy to hear that!

There’s the wooden dialogue, the awkward hand gestures, the stock footage. But not everyone who rents a boat for the first time—or goes river touring for the thousandth—has safety down to a routine.

So leave it to us (via paddle sport retailer NRS) to be your boring dad: refresh your season with a quick video reminding you to wear a PFD, check the weather, and stay in sight of shore.

While you’re at it, take another gander at this video series on whitewater safety. And then maybe book a river trip for spring.

Via Duct Tape Diaries.