VIDEO: Snowboarder Jeremy Jones Ditches Chopper, Goes Backcountry

Bummed about the fuel, he decides to hike up and use a splitboard

Snowboard legend Jeremy Jones has probably jumped from a helicopter with his board more times than anyone else, in his own estimation, but a new video interview with the New York Times shows he’s begun to rethink how he gets to the top of the mountain.

No more heli-jumps for this guy.

“It did bum me out that my snowboarding required a ton of fuel,” Jones said.

He founded the non-profit Protect Our Winters to raise awareness of global warming among winter sports devotees, a group that is already feeling its impact.

As Jones demonstrates to his interviewer near his home in Truckee, CA, he now uses a splitboard to ski up the mountain backcountry style, sans carbon emissions, before snowboarding down. (See our splitboard picks here.)

For more video of Jones tearing down jaw-dropping verticals, check out the trailer for his film Further here.