VIDEO: Hidden Sugar in Your Foods

The amount of sugar in your Big Mac will surprise you
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Sugar often hides in surprising places.

While anyone can tell you that candy bars or sodas are full of the sweet stuff, foods such as baked beans, hot and spicy McChicken sandwiches and muesli are loaded with sugar, too.

In fact, sometimes these foods are the worst culprits. In the video above, you learn that muesli has more sugar than Fruit Loops, and that a glass of orange juice will spike your insulin levels higher than a can of Coca Cola.

Diet foods can be dangerous, too. For instance, a serving of light ranch has 32 grams of sugar, while regular ranch only has 16 grams.  

If you’re too lazy to watch, check out the cheat sheet of the different foods below:  

Coca Cola: 39 grams
Orange Juice: 42 grams
Monster Energy: 54 grams
Baked Beans: 56 grams
Muesli: 42 grams
Fruit Loops: 24 grams
Frappuccino: 69 grams
Cliff Bar: 23 grams
Two Poptarts: 23 grams
Jar of BBQ sauce: 168 grams of sugar
Light Ranch: 32
Regular Ranch: 16
McChicken Sandwich: 5g
Hot and Spicy McChicken Sandwich: 22g

Via The Huffington Post.

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