VIDEO: 60m Freedive in 60 Seconds

World-record diver William Trubridge races against clock on one breath

What’s the deepest you can dive on a single breath?

When I was a kid, touching the bottom of my local pool’s deep end (12 feet) was a pretty serious accomplishment, but for freediver William Trubridge, the local pool is Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, and its deep end is 663 feet. He hasn’t touched bottom yet, although he’s gotten to 331 feet without even fins to help him, and nearly 400 feet using a rope.

Recently he decided to add speed to the mix: a depth of 60 meters and back in 60 seconds.

Trubridge brought a camera to document the dive, but that added a complication of its own.

“I was pretty sure I could do a dive of that depth in that time, but we were trying to videotape it. I was using a GoPro camera that I was holding out in front of me, which creates a lot of drag,” he told Epic TV.

There’s a practical limit, he said, to how deep these one-meter-per-second sprints can go, and 60 meters is pretty close:

“The deeper you go, the harder it gets because your lactic acid levels build up almost exponentially, and I don’t think 90 [meters] would be possible—at least not for me. And it would also be quite dangerous for decompression sickness because you’re coming up so quickly.”

Trubridge currently holds the world record for diving without fins or weights, 101 meters, and hopes to break the be-finned world record of 126 meters this year.

Check out the whole interview below:

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