Video: First Woman to Land a Backside Double Cork 1080

Katie Ormerod pulls off a major first in women's snowboarding—and she's only 16

Just a few short years ago, many people said that no woman would ever complete a backside double cork 1080. In May, 16-year-old Katie Ormerod landed the trick—and she did it flawlessly.

Red Bull posted the clip on June 10 and the snowboard world can’t stop raving about it. For those not so familiar with trick terminology, Red Bull broke it down.

A 'cork' describes a jump where the rider rotates through the air on two different axes – the horizontal axis (spin) and vertical axis (flip) – in the same motion as a corkscrew. So a double cork 1080 describes two full flips and one full spin, which equals 3 x 360 = 1,080 degrees.

Ormerod said she had been working on the trick since January with her coach and spent much of that time learning the technique over a foam pit. She lives in England, where she has been snowboarding since she was six and practicing gymnastics since she was four. Both sports provided perfect training. The strength, flexibility and spatial awareness that come from years of gymnastics training helped Ormerod land the double cork and will make her a standout star on the snow in coming years.

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