VIDEO: Death Valley Dreamlapse

Beautiful footage of the hottest place on Earth
Staff Writer

While Death Valley may get a bad rap as the hottest place on earth, this dessert landscape is actually a beautiful place to visit…as long as you go at the right time of year.

Home to the largest national park south of Alaska, Death Valley has plenty of places to hike, camp, backpack, or mountain bike. At night the area becomes particularly magical with exceptionally clear views of the night sky—so exceptional, in fact, that Death Valley National Park received recognition from The International Dark-Sky Association. 

These incredible views, as well as beautiful features visible in the daylight, are captured in the film above from Sunchase Pictures. It’s the second such movie for the company (you can click here to see the first).

This footage features the area’s famous sailing stones of Racetrack Playa Lakebed, perhaps he greatest mystery of Death Valley. These stones, including some weighing several hundred pounds, slide across the playa, leaving a trail of sediment as they go. No one knows for sure how the rocks move.

Via National Geographic.

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