VIDEO: Climber Daila Ojeda is Not Just Chris Sharma's Girlfriend

This "Canary climber" is an accomplished athlete in her own right
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While Daila Ojeda, 32, is best known as Chris Sharma’s girlfriend, the Canary Island-native is also strong athlete who takes on routes reserved for the world’s best climbers.

In this video by Prana, Ojeda talks about her hometown on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria that sits off the coast of Morocco.

“It’s a little strange that I came from a life where everything revolves around the sea,” she said.

Ojeda spent her early years on water sports such as surfing and body boarding. She made the shift to climbing at the age of 19 when she saw a bouldering competition in the village where she was born. Still, her love for the island is evident in the footage.

Ojeda and Sharma now live together in Catalonia, Spain, an area known to have some of the region’s best climbing. There, Ojeda and Sharma continue to build their skills on projects that push their limits.  

“It’s a lifestyle, a passion that in the end is not that important,” she said. “But for us, it’s the most important thing in the world.”

Even though she now lives far from her birthplace, Ojeda said she doesn't believe life could be any better. 

"Life here is perfect," she said. "I have a ton of projects, lots of friends, a beautiful house, really great people all around, and my dog Chaxi."

As a professional climber, Ojeda’s goal is not only to continue to hone her skills, but also “to bring kids climbing to the most spectacular routes possible and to teach them to respect nature,” according to Petzl.

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