VIDEO: Biking the Greenland Ice Cap

Petr Kraus, a Red Bull athlete, rides this rugged landscape
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Visit Greenland (

The Greenland Ice Sheet is the second largest ice body in the world after the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

This video from Visit Greenland seems aimed at more than just tourism—it has a theme of conservation as well. 

The footage was shot in August 2012 when Red Bull Trial Biker Petr Kraus and friends camped out by the Greenland Ice Cap at Russell Glacier.

The Greenland Ice Cap is the second largest ice cap in the world, however global warming could wipe it off the map. The importance of taking advantage of wild places, as well as working to protect them, is captured in Kraus’ narration:

I have biked everywhere in the world, but never in a place like Greenland where the powerful ice pushes up against the wild coast. Riding this rugged land is what it means to be on the edge. The thrill of the case is why I came. Here on the arctic circle, I have found a place of true adventure, reminding me to shift gears before its gone.

Via Visit Greenland and PinkBike.

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