The Verdict: Did Climbing Make the Olympics?

Officials recommend new sports for 2020 games
Staff Writer

When members of the International Olympic Committee attended the World Climbing Championship in Paris in September, climbers across the globe began to get excited. The sport, it seemed, could become one of the newest events at the 2020 Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Last week, however, the climbing community received bad news: Climbing hadn’t made the cut. Instead, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee recommended baseball/softball, squash and wrestling be proposed for the Games, according to the Olympic’s website. These sports were chosen by secret ballot following 30-minute presentations by each International Federation and an extensive evaluation by the Olympic Programme Commission on the potential value the sports would bring to the games. In this process, the IOC used 39 criteria for evaluation including universality, youth appeal, popularity, good governance and respect for athletes and Olympic values.

During this meeting, climbing wasn’t the only sport ruled out. Wakeboarding, wushu, karate, and roller sports were also nominated and not approved.

The IOC will meet for its 125th Session in Buenos Aires in September to vote on which of the three remaining sports will be added to the 2020 Olympics.


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