This Is the Best Way to Have a Valentine's Day In

Spending time with your sweetheart doesn’t have to be expensive

Valentine’s Day, while sweet in intention, can quickly turn sour when you’re trying to budget. Luckily, there are creative ways to woo your special someone that don’t involve spending a whole paycheck trying to impress them.

This year, host a Valentine’s Day dinner right in your own kitchen. An easy place to begin is to make a menu. Think about your date’s favorite foods. Now think about his or her preference for food: is he more of a cook? Does she prefer being cooked for?

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For someone who likes to do the cooking, take them to the local grocery store and pick out all the ingredients necessary for the meal. For someone who likes to have a meal prepared for them, cook before you invite your date over.

Set the mood with candles and make a playlist of your favorite songs. Don’t forget to set the table with flowers — you can get them cheap at the grocery store instead of a florist — and all the right accouterments.

For post-dinner fun, you can set up a game night in the living room and break out classics like Scrabble, checkers, Twister or Monopoly. If game nights aren’t your thing, pick a new show or movie that just got released.


Nights in save money and are great for a laid-back time, but there are also ways to have a cheap date night that will be just as fun.