Useeme: A Great Product and Even Better Video Campaign

Promoting bicycle turn signals in a stunning and hilarious video

As an urban bicyclist, it can be a crazy ride trying to maneuver your way through traffic, road blocks, pedestrians, and the other seemingly endless amount of obstacles that lie in your path. But, what sometimes seems to be one of the most dangerous aspects of riding a bicycle in a big city, is turning. When you share the road with massive trucks and not-so-cautious drivers, it becomes a difficult feat to take a left or right turn. Signaling your hands is an appreciated effort, but sometimes they just go unseen.

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A company called Useeme has created the solution. The Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals offer better visibility of your hand signals allowing a safer road sharing experience. They are automatic and detect when you raise your hand to signal. They are also visible from all angles with high-intensity orange LEDs, and are comfortable and easy to wear, fitting over all types of clothing.

When asked the simple question, ‘why use it?’ their website states:

Around 75% percent of bike accidents occur at road junctions, where visibility and hand signals are the key to your safety. Maybe you don't always use hand signals. But when you do, it's important that they are visible. Even in the dark. With Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals, your hand signals automatically light up and flash before turning or changing lanes.

Maybe it saves your life only once. That one time, you'll be happy it was there.


Currently, they are in the midst of product development and have created an Indiegogo campaign to ask for your help. And along with that campaign comes the utterly impressive campaign video.

This video is just lovely. It’s what I imagine Wes Anderson would create had he been as enthusiastic about bike safety as this company. Don’t believe me? Watch it below. The music mixed with their colorful and creative outfits is sure to put a smile on your face. And like most Wes Anderson films, a work of art would not be complete without a wonderful handlebar mustache. Enjoy.

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