Mountain Bike the Lost Coast in California from U.S. Adventure Trips You Need to Take this Summer

U.S. Adventure Trips You Need to Take this Summer

Mountain Bike the Lost Coast in California

Whether it’s the massive Redwood trees that draw you in or the ruggedness of the Lost Coast, there’s no better way to see California than on two wheels. This eight-day single-track mountain bike adventure will challenge you with a tough trail and then reward you with some of the most beautiful and varied views of the West Coast. The next trip is set for Aug. 22-29, get your bike ready and head out to California.

Raft the Grand Canyon

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See one of the most impressive natural sites in the world in a way most would never consider, take a rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Make your way past the immense canyon walls and along a portion of the 277 mile-long river. Trips range in length and some incorporate hiking, so take a vacation to the Grand Canyon and enjoy one-of-a-kind views from inside.

Learn How to Climb in Colorado

If you’ve always loved the indoor rock wall but yearned for something a bit more adventurous, here’s your chance. Take a three-day trip and learn how to climb with a professional instructor in the San Juan Mountains. The area, just north of Durango, is great for beginners and the instructor is very familiar with the territory. Arrange a lesson that suits your schedule or check out the group trip dates.

Zipline in New York

New York is home to the longest, highest and fastest zipline course in North American and the second largest in the world. Take a trip out to Hunter Mountain and experience the 4.6 mile course that will fly you 600 feet over the valley below. Though the course will only take a few hours to complete, fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking and local festivals will keep you busy for the rest of your trip.

Hike a Section of the Appalachian Trail

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The longest marked trail in the country and the hiking backbone of the East Coast may sound intimidating at approximately 2,180 miles long, but broken into sections, the Appalachian Trail is the perfect hiking and camping vacation. The trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and cuts through 12 states in between, so you’ll have your choice of terrain and stunning views.

Waterfall Rappelling in New Hampshire

Waterfalls are more than just picturesque natural rock formations, they are opportunities for adventure. Get out to New Hampshire for a day of light hiking and waterfall rappelling from heights of 50 to 80 feet with a professional instructor. When your time in the water is over, you’ll be hiking back so don’t forget a dry change of clothes.

Kayak and Camp in Alaska

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If you’ve ever imagined exploring Alaska, there’s no time like the present and no better way to travel than by kayak. Get an upclose look at sea lions and whales while you traverse the bays and waterways of Alaska. Guides are available most days and trips range from half-day outings to multi-day excursions with either tents or cabins.

U.S. Adventure Trips You Need to Take this Summer