Upcycling Ski and Snowboard Scrap Could Get You $4,000 Worth of Gear

Ski and Snowboard company RAMP holds contest to find new use for left over materials

The environmentally-friendly ski and snowboard makers at RAMP Sports have come up with their next green idea—a contest to ensure their scrap materials are creatively put to good use. In return for upcycling roughly a ton of the scrap material, the winner of the contest will get 4 RAMP skis, snowboards, and/or longboards of their choice—a prize worth up to $4,000.

The Utah-based company has upcycled unused materials in the past to make their 30-foot Yeti sculpture and hopes to find a place for the new scrap that is more useful and environmentally friendly than the local landfill. But it will take more than just an idea to win—RAMP is looking for a solution.

The first person to present a feasible, detailed plan for upcycling all of the material will win the contest. They must also carry out the project and be able to prove that all of the material was upcycled—not just thrown in a landfill. And all of the scrap must be gone by November 1, 2014.

RAMP outlined the details of the contest below; contestants are encouraged to email vanessa.p@rampsports.com with any additional questions.

What: We have about a ton of ski and snowboard trim byproduct that we want to upcycle. Roughly 2,000 4-foot long strips made of bamboo, Kevlar, carbon, plastic, and fiberglass. Have an idea and solution for how it could be upcycled? We want to hear from you!

How to win: Find a solution. Call ranchers, transportation departments, artists, communal gardens, other manufacturers, community developers. (REMEMBER RAMP is based in UTAH.) Whomever emails vanessa.p@rampsports.com with a hands-down, no-questions asked way to upcycle the scrap, and the facilitates the removal from the factory, wins.

Some ideas include:

Ranch fence

Highway snow barrier

Dog park fence

Landscaping backfill

Erosion prevention backfill

Strengthening manufactured lumber

Prize: Your choice of 4 RAMP skis, snowboards, and/or longboards. Valued at $4,000 MSRP.

Why? Our company is based on manufacturing using best practices. We don't want to throw this away. Repurpose it (like we did with Yeti). Make magic (as in, make it disappear—but not into a landfill). Help us put it to good use!


For you to win, all of this material must go

Depending on the plan, RAMP can help arrange and possibly help deliver the material

You must prove it was repurposed or upcycled, not thrown in landfill

We need this issue resolved ASAP, before the snow flies in Park City


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