The Ultimate Ski Run: Everest

Three harrowing descents, in infographic form

When people talk about Everest, they usually talk about going up. Making it to the top is the stuff of legend, so much so that it inspires hundreds to make the attempt every year—that despite the more than two hundred bodies littering the mountain.

Going down is another issue altogether. Only a handful of people have been foolhardy enough to attempt a descent by ski or snowboard. Those who have succeeded may not be household names like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, but they have earned an even rarer distinction that summiting—and conquered a slice of vertical no après blowhard can match.

The folks at action sports website put together this infographic telling three of those stories. See below for some clever visual storytelling. (Click to expand on

Descending Everest: An Infographic by
Descending Everest: An Infographic by