Ultimate Manliness: Campfire Cologne

Keep that woodsy smell long after the camping trip is over
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While you may not be able to enjoy this everyday:                 

You can (almost) console yourself with next best thing. For only $12.95, you can bring the smell of the campfire to your home or office with antler & co.'s new Campfire Cologne.


The hilarious video below promotes the newest in hipster-outdoorsman must-haves. A tiny box of timber will provide the "Tried and True scent of your best summer ever," according to the Antler and Co.'s website. 

The directions are simple: light the tiny timber sticks on fire, blow them out and waft the smoke and smell “over your flannel and beard.”

The antler & co. website is also worth a look. The company keeps things simple, selling only Campfire Cologne and three types of antlers: Dewey Decimal, Hangar Holder and Modern Mobile. They hold books, clothes and pictures respectively. 

Via Adventure Journal

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