The Ultimate Guide to Everest from The Ultimate Guide to Everest

The Ultimate Guide to Everest

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The Ultimate Guide to Everest

Before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made it to the summit, every other attempt resulted in either surrender or death. Their successful ascent was a monumental feat and a first for mankind, but what about now?

More than 60 years after Hillary and Norgay reached the peak, thousands of others have made it to the top (albeit under very different circumstances) and hundreds have died trying. Critics of modern day Everest expeditions have said that today’s climbs are no big deal and some even say that Everest isn’t a climb at all, so what is it actually like to summit Everest? And how does the average person even go about it?

For answers, we turned to two people who have not only been there, but have devoted much of their lives to Everest. Mountaineer Alan Arnette and Founding Physician of Everest ER Dr. Eric Johnson help answer some of the most pressing questions surrounding Everest.


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