Two Continents and 17,000 Miles on Two Wheels

99%RIDE cycles through North and South America to benefit multiple charities
Twitter/ @99percentride

For the average person, raising money for charity while getting fit means a 5k to benefit a local organization. Dirk Spits, founder of 99%RIDE, has a much bigger vision, one that spans two continents, 15 countries and 17,000 miles, all for charity.

According to the 99%RIDE website, Spits left his job, his apartment and sold everything to start the organization. The focus is on raising money for charities that help children secure a quality education.

Founded in the Netherlands, 99%RIDE began their major journey in August 2013 when they flew to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. From there, Spits plans to travel all 17,000 miles, from Alaska to Argentina, on his bike and is currently in Mexico. They plan to live on only $6 a day and spend much of the journey either couch surfing or camping out. His support team is a media crew of two people, traveling by car, they are primarily focused on promoting the journey. 99%RIDE has created an infographic to sum up their plans.

With the funds raised in North America, the 99%RIDE team will travel southwards to Central and South America to visit philanthropic projects. They strive to help as many projects and people as possible. All donations go directly to these projects. Through the website and social media 99%RIDE will send you updates about the preparations, the ongoing activities and of the results of the projects. It’s all very transparent.

The project is named 99%RIDE because they are working with a global crowd funding organization called the 1%Club.  Each of the charities are researched and selected based on transparency and effectiveness by the 1%Club. The charities currently receiving aid from 99%RIDE are in Latin America, and you can find out more about the individual organizations here.

To learn more about 99%RIDE or to follow the second half of their journey, visit their blog or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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