Tuzigoot National Monument


Crowning a desert hilltop is an ancient pueblo. From a roof top a child scans the desert landscape for the arrival of traders, who are due any day now. What riches will they bring? What stories will they tell? Will all of them return? From the top of the Tuzigoot Pueblo it is easy to imagine such an important moment. Tuzigoot is an ancient village or pueblo built by a culture known as the Sinagua. The pueblo consisted of 110 rooms including second and third story structures. The first buildings were built around A.D. 1000. The Sinagua were agriculturalists with trade connections that spanned hundreds of miles. The people left the area around 1400. The site is currently comprised of 42 acres.

Visit Tuzigoot National Monument and witness the incredible legacy of a people who live in the Verde Valley 1,000 years ago. Set aside a few hours to explore the museum and roam the trails through the Tuzigoot pueblo and Tavasci Marsh. Spend time with a ranger and learn about the Sinagua and the lives they led in the Verde Valley.


Seasonality / Weather

Summers in the Verde Valley are generally hot and dry. Although, it often cools down considerably at night. Winters can be snowy at times with temperatures ranging between 14-45 degrees.

Always carry plenty of water when exploring the desert, even during the winter, since the extremely dry air can dehydrate you quickly. During the hottest summer months (May-September), even one gallon of water per person per day may not be adequate to prevent heat injuries.

Open From Labor Day through Memorial Day 8 AM -5 PM
Open From Memorial Day through Labor Day 8 AM- 6 PM
The park is closed on December 25.



Tuzigoot National Monument is 52 miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona via U.S. Alternate Highway 89A, or 90 miles north of Phoenix. Travel Interstate Highway 17, take Exit 287 and travel west on Highway 260 to Cottonwood. You will continue through Cottonwood on Hwy 89A and go toward Clarkdale. At the first traffic light after turning on to 89A, signs will direct you to turn left to stay on 89A. Go straight through this intersection. This will put you on HISTORIC 89A (designated on the map above as HWY 260) and take you through "Old Town Cottonwood". As you can tell from the map, Main Street (Historic 89A) does a lot of twisting around. Once you leave Cottonwood you are almost there. There will be a sign telling you where to turn to get to Tuzigoot. You take Tuzigoot Road and follow it to the end...that is where Tuzigoot National Monument is. Enjoy the trip.


Nearest airports are Phoenix and Flagstaff.