Tree Courses, National Parks and 5 Other Things to Love About Spring

The season brings endless opportunities to get outside—here are just a few suggestions

What comes to mind when you think of spring? Maybe you recall blooming flowers, longer days, possibly a few spring showers? Well we at The Active Times like to think about all the outdoor opportunities that come with the spring season.

Those longer days, warmer temperatures and that distinct spring smell mark the beginning of limitless outdoor fun and we’re too excited to keep it to ourselves. Check out our list of things we love about spring and get out there to enjoy it.

Visiting the National Parks
America’s best idea is awesome any time of year but there’s no doubt that parks are more accessible in the spring. The powerful waterfalls and blooming flowers of the nation’s protected land is an amazing sight in the spring. If you’re wondering where to go, check out these 10 great national parks to visit in the spring.

Spring Skiing
Before our favorite slopes close, spring offers an amazing fusion of sun and snow. It doesn’t get much better than gliding over soft snow in nothing but a base layer, except maybe the epic end of the season celebrations. Goggle tans are so in right now.

All that melting snow has to go somewhere, and that's where you should be too. Paddling is a great workout and a prime sightseeing activity. When heading out this spring make sure you have both a life jacket and a wetsuit, as water doesn't warm as quickly as air and then visit these U.S. coastlines for some of the best paddling in the country.

White Water Rafting
Attention adventure junkies, if you haven’t been white water rafting in April or May, you’re missing out. The coming months are the best time for a trip due to maximal runoff from winter. The water will be running quick before summer so get out there now for the best condition and head to these top spots to take on the best rapids.

Unless you’ve jumped on the fat bike bandwagon, chances are you haven’t gotten out on a bike much this winter. Stationary bikes just aren’t the same as being out on the road (or dirt). So dust off that ten-speed, give it a tune up and feel the spring breeze and sunshine on your first ride of the season.

Tree Courses
Tree-top adventure courses make for a great spring outing. Monkeying around on zip lines, suspended bridges, swinging logs and scramble nets far above the ground will really get your heart pumping. Most courses open in the spring, and there’s no time like the present.

Rock Climbing
Spring brings the opportunity to improve and expand personal fitness. If you enjoy climbing indoors, take it outside and hone your skills on some real rock. Just don’t head to one of these dangerous spots before honing your skills.

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