The World's Biggest Cultural Festivals in 2017

A guide to the world’s events with the most pop, bang and crackle

Are you a firework fan? Can’t wait for New Year’s Day for your fix of whoosh, boom, or whistle? Indoor fireworks and sparklers are not doing it for you?

Worry no more – the new graphic from is full of rockets, fountains, and wheels from across the globe. Fireworks may have been around from as far back as the 7th Century, but these modern festivals are from origins national and spiritual throughout history.[slideshow:98263]

From the Chinese New Year, thousands of years old to the Malta International Fireworks Festival, which started in 2003 when Malta joined the European Union, the following list is a quick trip across world history – and how it’s celebrated.

For hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years, generations have been touched by the connection to a country’s cultural heritage. It holds a powerful attraction for many tourists and travelers to this day.

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