The World’s Most Spectacular Hotel Pools

Indulge in a day of care free bliss at these hotel pools

Indulge in a day of care free bliss, relax in a luxurious cabana, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at a poolside bar. Where else could you do this than at one of the world’s most spectacular hotel pools?

Rooftop pools are incredibly complex to create, but the reward is astonishing. Imagine sipping on your tropical cocktail and lounging in your private cabana, while watching the sun go down. How about taking your morning swim right on the edge of a building as the sun comes up?[slideshow:82250]

Hotel pools offer you a great way to stay in shape while on vacation. Take the Jumby Bay hotel in Antigua, for instance. It has a pool with four lap lanes. Even rooftop Jacuzzi’s offer you great health benefits. They help reduce stress, ease muscle pain and improve your blood circulation.

Infinity pools may just be my favorite; they can be used for relaxation and recreational purposes. You can customize them however you would like. Infinity pools provide you with cleaner water; water is constantly moving in and out to clean and filter the pool. For the most part, they are located in high-end hotels and resorts, and are usually designed to provide you with a view of a stunning landscape.

Whether you are going on a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or traveling for business, these hotel pools will fit your needs and will not disappoint. Who knows, you just may end up extending your trip!


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